Navigating Insurance Claims in light of the current hailstorm

Navigating Insurance Claims in light of the current hailstorm

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In light of the recent hailstorm that has damaged numerous vehicles in Midrand, it would appear to be a relief if your vehicle is insured, as comprehensive coverage generally provides coverage for hail damage as outlined in the policy’s schedule. 

To ensure that your claim is accepted, make sure it proceeds as follows:

  1. Supply all mandatory information in advance on your insurance application; guarantee that this information is precise to the fullest extent and maintains its accuracy. The responsibility to update your insurer on any modifications to those details remains with you at all times.
  2.  Make sure your premiums are paid in full on the specified due date, regardless of whether they are paid weekly or annually. In the event that you fail to make a payment or your debit order defaults, it is your duty to establish alternative payment arrangements within the designated timeframe outlined in your policy schedule. 
  3. Subsequently to the above make sure you request written confirmation that your policy has resumed normal operations. 
  4. It is imperative that all claims be submitted within the specified timeframe specified in your policy schedules. This is because certain conditions may undergo modifications subsequent to the reporting of the incident, which could potentially impact the investigation or the associated costs. For instance, quotes issued by panel beaters, are generally only valid for a duration of twenty-four to forty-eight hours. 

It is in your best interest as a policyholder to carefully examine your policy schedule and become familiar with the provisions it contains as well as the insurer’s expectations of you when filing a claim, as it has become common knowledge that insurers do not always cover everything.

What happens when you have done the above and submitted a claim, but you find yourself with a rejected claim? Or if you fail to meet the specific criteria as set out in your policy and find yourself with a rejected claim. 

It is important to understand that there are many reasons why insurers will reject your claims, and these vary from insurance policy to insurance policy and will be subject to the type of cover you have opted for as well as the basic insurance terms and conditions that apply across the board. 

Contact our insurance department, and we will assist you and guide you through your complaint with the Ombudsman as well as litigation if it becomes necessary.


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